Last month, pay and reward consultancy 3R Strategy was approached by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) to submit a proposal for an open tender. The project would involve reviewing the organisation’s entire pay and benefits offering, as well as its approach to employee retention, recognition and performance.

Two weeks ago, after submitting a proposal and delivering a presentation to the CEO and HR Director at RCPCH, 3R Strategy won the open tender.

About the organisation

Founded in 1996, RCPCH is responsible for training and examining paediatricians in the UK, employing approximately 170 staff across London, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, forming six divisions. As part of its people strategy, RCPCH wanted to review its terms and conditions of employment, looking at:

  • current grade and pay structure
  • non-pay benefits, including annual leave and pension
  • how grade and pay structure relates to performance
  • impact of the existing structure on recruitment, retention and affordability
  • job evaluation framework.

A fresh perspective 

Having experienced pay and reward strategies from both sides (in-house and consultancy), we offer a fresh perspective on what isn’t working and why. It’s the whole reason 3R Strategy was born.

What makes our service unique is providing the technical capability of a consultancy with the customised approach of an in-house HR team. We offer strategic reward expertise – without the burden of heavy overhead costs.

The real challenge of pay and reward projects is implementation; this is why we work with each client to gain a deep understanding of their business and deliver a tailored solution.

Tailored recommendations

“The presentation of the ITT and subsequent meeting with Rameez gave us every confidence that, not only did 3R Strategy really understand the drivers for the review of terms and conditions, but they also had the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to work effectively with us on this project,” said Louise Frayne, Head of HR & Organisational Development at RCPCH.

“We welcomed the approach articulated of being an extension of our HR & Organisational Development team and this reassured us that they would integrate themselves into the business and deliver recommendations tailored to our organisation,” she added.

We look forward to working with Louise Frayne and her team at RCPCH.