Benefits Review & Benchmarking

A benefits package to motivate and engage your people

Employee benefits make up part of your reward strategy. Benefit offerings can vary greatly in terms of expense, complexity and effectiveness. It is important to ensure that the benefits you provide and how you deliver them to your employees give you the best return on your investment.

How it works

Our experienced reward team works with organisations to:

  • Understand your objectives
  • Build a benefits strategy that will help you achieve your goals
  • Make the most of your benefits
  • Recommend process improvements
  • Implement an effective approach to employee communication

benefits benchmarking

We can review your current benefits package with your reward strategy and principles in mind. This includes benchmarking your benefits offering against the external market, as well as factoring in employee demographics and feedback.

The first step in the process is deciding where you want to be positioned in relation to the external market.

After this, it is important to pick the right data source. Having robust, industry-appropriate benefits data is critical. Data from free sources often only look at the bare bones of what an organisation offers its employees, while formal surveys undergo rigorous analysis and review.

As an independent consultancy, we can review the market for benefit providers and make recommendations, along with technology solutions to suit your individual organisational needs.


It is important to communicate any new changes and policies so that your employees feel part of the process. This can help develop trust and a sense of purpose that leads to more engaged colleagues.

We offer different reward communications packages to suit your needs and help communicate clearly and honestly to employees.

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