Reward Communications

Communicate clearly and honestly to your employees with our jargon-free comms service.

How It Works

At the start of any reward communications project, we will get to know your organisation and the key messages you want to deliver to employees. 

This involves talking with your team to establish the kind of language you use for internal communication. We will also use your brand guidelines to ensure that the communications are consistent with your brand. 

Once we understand what you want to communicate about your pay or reward project, we will discuss our three different reward communications packages with you. These packages offer a variety of formats to help you reach your team members effectively. 

Reward comms

Increase job satisfaction by over 40% without spending a penny

One of the best predictors of employee engagement is pay transparency. A PayScale survey found that employees’ job satisfaction increased from 40% to 82%, even when they were being paid less than the market rate, simply by having someone take the time to explain how pay decisions are made. 

So, instead of assuming that all employees are aware of every process and policy within our organisation, we need to communicate these clearly to them. Since people consume information in different ways, it’s important to deliver information in a variety of formats such as written guides, visuals, or video content.  

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