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At 3R Strategy, we’re pretty into pay transparency. It’s sort of our thing. Over the years, we’ve produced innumerable resources on the subject, from blogs and whitepapers to videos, infographics—and now a book!

Here you can access everything you could possibly need to know about pay transparency: what it is, why it’s important, and how to implement more of it in your organisation.

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Why is pay transparency important?

Pay transparency is not necessarily about disclosing the salaries of employees, but instead being clear and open about how pay decisions are made. It fosters a shared understanding of an organisation’s reward principles and makes it easier for employees to see how their role fits.

Because pay transparency encourages employers to be more open about the purpose of pay and how these decisions are made, it can also help to reduce the gender pay gap.

Pay transparency blogs

Pay transparency whitepaper

Pay transparency scale

Pay transparency

The path to pay transparency

Pay transparency refers to the degree of visibility employees have into their company’s salary and compensation practices.

This whitepaper provides insights about how adopting pay transparency can help you attract and retain top talent, reduce turnover costs, boost morale among your workforce—and much more.

Our approach to pay transparency

When we talk about pay transparency, the focus is usually on what everyone is earning, but how and why pay decisions are made is a lot more meaningful. People want to know they’re being treated fairly and consistently.

This scale divides the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of pay into five steps, starting with no transparency on the left and moving to complete transparency on the right. It helps you identify where you are, your destination and how you can get there.

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Buy the book!

For people in many workplaces, lack of trust results in poor work relationships and toxic office politics that undermine employee satisfaction and morale.

A Case of the Mondays by Rameez Kaleem makes an irrefutable case for pay transparency and its wide-ranging benefits. It provides a roadmap and takes you through the practical steps to implement it in your organisation, and it demonstrates the crucial role of HR in carrying the torch for pay transparency.

A Case of the Mondays

A Case of the Mondays will enable you to:

  • Commit to pay transparency without publishing everyone’s salaries
  • Appreciate that pay transparency is a gradual process
  • Provide context to improve employee satisfaction even if you can’t afford to pay higher salaries
  • Understand the interplay of pay and having a sense of purpose and belonging in the workplace
  • Plan and successfully implement more pay transparency in your organisation