reward on tap

Access to your own dedicated reward team – whenever you need it

How it works

Reward on Tap gives you access to our specialist reward team, tools, resources and expertise. Our ‘on tap’ reward service means you get help and advice not from one person, but the entire team. Every piece of work is peer reviewed to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Choose fixed or flexible hours, as needed. With your own dedicated mailbox, you can expect a reply within one working day.

3r reward mailbox

Part-time reward cover is hard to find. With Reward on Tap, you can expect instant, flexible support five days a week. No training, no lengthy recruitment process.

An extension of your HR team

Don’t have a dedicated reward team within HR? In the middle of a recruitment or training drive? Reward on Tap fills the gap with trusted reward expertise whenever you need it.

We don’t just provide high-level strategy. Instead, we work as an extension of your HR team to carry out and communicate each stage of the project. Whether your company is large or small, Reward on Tap helps you meet your reward goals by adding capacity as needed.

From occasional benchmarking and job evaluation to support with your annual pay review process. Reward on Tap can be used to facilitate a variety of reward tasks. Speak to the 3R Strategy team today.

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