Bonus and Sales Incentives

Variable pay to drive the desired behaviours

We design bonus and sales incentive schemes that support your growth and drive the behaviours you want to encourage from your people.

Defining objectives

We have extensive experience designing bonus and sales incentive schemes for organisations across all sectors. The 3R Strategy team will work with you to clearly define the purpose of your bonus and sales incentive schemes and how to align them with your business priorities.

Design options

We will work with you to identify performance metrics that are aligned to your business objectives, as well as the culture and values of your organisation.

The objective of any bonus or sales incentive plan is to create an environment where employees want to contribute directly to the company’s success by demonstrating desired behaviours.

The key is to make sure employees understand how the scheme works and how they can influence their reward outcome.

Data modelling and implementation

A crucial element of any variable pay plan is affordability. We will work with you to model various scenarios to test affordability and build a tool for tracking payments throughout the year.

We offer support through design to implementation. We can also provide assistance with training and communication plans, including managers, employees and trade unions.

Why work with 3R Strategy?

An extension of your HR team
We don’t just provide high-level strategy, but work as an extension of your HR team to implement and communicate each stage of the project.

Fixed fees

We work on a fixed-fee basis, so you know exactly what you will be spending from the outset.

Flexible and cost-efficient

We operate a remote and flexible working policy, enabling us to deliver agile, high-quality expertise without the price tag of a big consultancy.

A trusted partner

We pride ourselves on creating ethical relationships with our clients and colleagues based on integrity, trust and thought leadership.

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