Bonus and Sales Incentives

Variable pay to drive the desired behaviours

We design bonus and sales incentive schemes that support your growth and drive the behaviours you want to encourage from your people.

How it works 

The 3R Strategy team will work with you to clearly define the purpose of your bonus and sales incentive schemes and align them with your business priorities. 

First, we will hold a workshop with your leadership team to discuss the purpose of bonuses within your organisation as well as how your current plan is structured. This includes listing the positive, working aspects as well as what may need improving. 

After this, we present options and discuss pros and cons of each option before selecting your preferred approach.  

We can identify and agree on some performance metrics that are aligned with your business objectives and the culture and values of your organisation.   

bonus and sales incentives


A crucial element of any variable pay plan is affordability. This is why we will then work with you to model various scenarios and test affordability. 

This allows us to build a tool for tracking payments throughout the year and helping you manage these new bonus and sales incentives. 


It is important to communicate any new changes and policies so that your employees feel part of the process. This can help develop trust and a sense of purpose that leads to more engaged colleagues. We offer different reward communications packages to suit your needs and help communicate clearly and honestly to employees.  

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