Recognition Plans

Recognition strategies to motivate and engage your people

Engage and motivate

The most powerful and cost-effective way to increase employee engagement is through recognition. If employees are engaged, they’ll want to do their best to help their organisation achieve its mission and vision.

Recognition can be in the form of a simple thank you, a thoughtful gift or opportunities to be involved in exciting new projects.

Develop a recognition strategy

At 3R Strategy, we review your existing approach to recognition, including internal feedback. We help you to develop recognition principles that form the basis of your recognition strategy.

What do you want to recognise and what behaviours do you want to encourage through recognition? What is the most effective delivery of recognition for your employee demographic? Does the strategy need to vary between departments?

A recognition toolkit

It is not uncommon to offer various methods of recognition within your organisation and we can help you develop a recognition toolkit for your managers. A communication plan is critical for the successful implementation of your new scheme.

For some organisations, an externally managed recognition platform may be suitable. In this scenario, we will research the market for you and recommend service providers that meet your requirements.

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