Recognition Plans

Recognition strategies to motivate and engage your people

How it works

The most powerful and cost-effective way to increase employee engagement is through recognition. If employees are engaged, they’ll want to do their best to help their organisation achieve its mission and vision. 

Recognition can be:

recognition plan

At 3R Strategy, we review your existing approach to recognition, including internal feedback. We then help you to develop recognition principles that form the basis of your new policy. This includes: 

  • Recognition strategy and approach 
  • Cohesive toolkit for employees 
  • Inclusive guide for leaders 

Recognition is most powerful when it is timely and specific. In the digital age, we recommend using technology to your advantage. And we will research the market for you in order to recommend service providers that meet your requirements. 

It is not uncommon to offer various methods of recognition within your organisation. Whether this is something you are considering, or you want to offer a more consistent approach, ensuring employees understand what they are entitled to is crucial. 


A communication plan is the critical next step for the successful implementation of your new scheme. We offer different reward communications packages to suit your needs and help communicate your new recognition plan clearly and honestly to employees.  


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