Industry: Transport
Number of Employees: 3000
Website : https://www.lner.co.uk

London North Eastern Railways operates on routes totaling 936 miles, from London to Peterborough, the East Midlands, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and beyond to Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow. LNER has over 3,000 employees across the country at stations with its headquarters in York.


LNER has several recognition schemes without a robust terms of reference and an overall recognition strategy. LNER is looking for an overall recognition strategy to be created proposing the best way of recognising good work and behaviours in the organisation. This includes the strategy as well as the tools for leaders to manage the process.


We met with the HR team to understand LNER’s vision and values as well as existing reward practices. We drafted future reward principles for LNER and reviewed all the existing recognition schemes they had in place. The existing plans did not sit under one coherent programme and there was no single place for leaders to access information on how they can recognise their teams.

We put together recognition principles for LNER along with suggested recognition schemes and activities required with each employee group. As a significant proportion of LNER employees are remote workers, we researched and recommended an online tool to implement the strategy across the entire employee population.

LNER were able to articulate a recognition strategy, principles and a set of recognition plans with clear objectives and criteria. LNER were also equipped with:

  • An organisational recognition strategy and principles
  • A recognition toolkit
  • A recognition guide for leaders
  • Recommended technology solution for implementation

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