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Industry: Real Estate
Number of Employees: 250
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The Instant Group was founded in 1999 and employs around 250 people all over the world, with headquarters in Europe, America and Asia Pacific. The global flexible workspace market is growing rapidly, and The Instant Group is at the forefront, helping more than 11,000 companies per year to find agile office solutions that align with each company’s own business strategy and objectives. The Instant Group helps organisations by providing insight on the market and then creates, delivers and manages workspaces including serviced offices, coworking hubs and bespoke branded offices for its clients.


The Instant Group sought out 3R Strategy to help them review their sales incentive plans globally. With so many clients and a high volume of inbound enquiries, The Instant Group employs a large number of salespeople, with regional sales teams based all over the world. Initially, each team was responsible for designing and managing their own sales incentive scheme: an arrangement which meant there was a lack of consistency and strategic thinking between the various groups.


As a first step, 3R Strategy held a workshop to define the organisation’s reward principles and understand their current practices, including the purpose of their base salary and sales incentives. With this insight, we then reviewed the existing schemes to determine what was and wasn’t working, discussing best practices with the HR team, CFO and regional sales managers before developing a range of options for review.

After settling on a preferred option, the next stage was to carry out detailed data modelling to observe how all of the salespeople performed against the previous plan vs. the new plan, running a further workshop to analyse the different scenarios and tweak the variables accordingly. Once agreed, the final step was company-wide communication.

We operate as an extension of our clients’ HR teams: not just defining solutions but helping to implement them. We worked with The Instant Group to develop sales templates, documents, plan rules and other guidance and materials to ensure a smooth and efficient transition throughout the company.


The project was completed in July 2020 and communicated internally throughout August. The Instant Group now operates using a fair, coherent and company-wide model that takes into account not just singular performance but team and organisational performance, as well as driving desirable behaviours that reflect the broader company culture.

Client’s testimonial

“I would highly recommend Rameez to any business facing a complex reward challenge. His knowledge of the reward marketplace, calm and measured approach, tenacity to ensure the organisation/project is achieving its aims all drive the success. In addition his teamwork – truly working as an extension to the HR team and work ethic are exemplary”.

Lucinda Pullinger - Global Head of HR, Instant Group

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