Industry: Fashion / Retail
Number of Employees: 30
Website :

Closet London makes contemporary womenswear that tells a story. It is known for its bold prints, striking styles and passionate team of designers and pattern-cutters, who design and make every garment in London.


Closet London is a small business with around 30 employees. It has standard HR policies in place, but no review of HR and reward practices have taken place since the company was set up in 1996.

The CEO wanted to get better insight into the current setup of the business and look at opportunities for improvement to drive better engagement from its people.


We carried out a workshop with the CEO and their direct reports to gain better knowledge of the business and understand how reward and performance were being managed. We undertook an employee survey to gather feedback on several key areas.

We then presented the CEO with the results of the employee survey, a full current state audit, as well as next steps to improve employee engagement.

Closet London was able to consider honest employee feedback for the first time since the company was set up through an anonymised survey and use this, along with our recommendations, to make real changes to support its long-term growth.

This provided the CEO with much more clarity and direction, which started with defining the company’s long-term vision and values.

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