Pay Review

Helping you run your annual pay and bonus reviews effectively

Annual pay and bonus reviews can be time-consuming and challenging for HR teams, from budget planning right through to communicating final awards.

Process design

What is the purpose of base salary and variable pay? What determines pay progression in your organisation? At 3R Strategy, we work with you to define the purpose of pay and develop a process for managing pay progression.

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We will review your existing pay review process and work with you to design a process that aligns your pay review with your reward and business strategy.

Support and delivery

Managing pay review can be a time-consuming process for organisations, particularly if this is managed through spreadsheets. At 3R Strategy, we guide you through the entire pay and bonus review process. With our pay review tools, we can provide user-friendly Excel templates that enable you to easily model scenarios and seamlessly manage your annual review process.

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Why work with 3R Strategy?

An extension of your HR team
We don’t just provide high-level strategy, but work as an extension of your HR team to implement and communicate each stage of the project.

Fixed fees

We work on a fixed-fee basis, so you know exactly what you will be spending from the outset.

Flexible and cost-efficient

We operate a remote and flexible working policy, enabling us to deliver agile, high-quality expertise without the price tag of a big consultancy.

A trusted partner

We pride ourselves on creating ethical relationships with our clients and colleagues based on integrity, trust and thought leadership.

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