Job Evaluation & Levelling

A fair, consistent and transparent way to make reward decisions

Job evaluation and levelling creates a framework that allows organisations to make more informed decisions when it comes to pay and reward, career planning, and organisational design. The framework establishes the relative value of different jobs across your organisation, helping you to assess them objectively and prevent discrimination or bias.

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Build a customised framework

Job levelling solves one of the most common challenges HR leaders face: the ability to compare the value of work and make decisions in a consistent and transparent way. Using a standard job evaluation methodology, we can form a common language to describe career pathways, job requirements, and performance expectations.

job evaluation and levelling methods

There are many ways to approach and implement a job levelling framework. At 3R Strategy, we are independent and will recommend a completely customised job evaluation framework to suit your organisation and reward strategy.

Why is job levelling important?

Job levelling has many benefits, including the ability to conduct a meaningful equal pay audit, forming a consistent process for HR professionals, and developing career path visibility – offering employees an explicit route forward. With a job levelling framework in place, you set the foundation for much more: learning and development, salary benchmarking, career progression, and much more.

Ensure equal pay for equal work

Each level within a job level framework is defined by a particular set of skills and competencies. We will work with you to evaluate all the roles in your organisation, so that each one is assigned to a level. From here, you can begin to reward employees according to their skills and responsibilities, giving you the ability to conduct meaningful equal pay audits.

Align yourself with the external market

A job levelling framework enables you to look to the external market for salary data, allowing you to create a benchmark for roles that require similar skills and create a pay structure accordingly.

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