Career Paths and Progression

Identify career paths that demonstrate how individuals develop and progress in their careers as they develop their skills.

Historically, career development was defined as vertical career progression in an organisation with a structured hierarchy of jobs increasing in complexity and responsibility.

Changing workforce and priorities

With the changing workforce and priorities, career pathways have evolved and can be defined as a series of developmental opportunities, offering various forms of career movement including the traditional vertical ladder, dual career paths (technical vs. management) as well as lateral movements to acquire new skills, experiences and perspectives.

At 3R Strategy, we are independent and can recommend a customised job level framework to suited to your organisation and your career path strategy.

Career pathways and succession planning

Career pathways identify a sequence of roles that demonstrate how individuals develop and progress in their careers as they expand their skills. By evaluating your roles and building a job level framework, we can work with you to identify career pathways, giving your people clarity over their career progression.

Implementing a fair and transparent job level framework will also give you greater visibility on organisational design and enable you to manage talent and succession planning.

Why work with 3R Strategy?

An extension of your HR team
We don’t just provide high-level strategy, but work as an extension of your HR team to implement and communicate each stage of the project.

Fixed fees

We work on a fixed-fee basis, so you know exactly what you will be spending from the outset.

Flexible and cost-efficient

We operate a remote and flexible working policy, enabling us to deliver agile, high-quality expertise without the price tag of a big consultancy.

A trusted partner

We pride ourselves on creating ethical relationships with our clients and colleagues based on integrity, trust and thought leadership.

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