Disclosing the gender pay gap is just the first step

Reducing the gender pay gap and achieving equal pay is still very much a hot topic. In the last few months Google has been hauled into the spotlight over this very issue, first with that leaked memo, followed swiftly by news that three former employees are suing the tech giant for systematically paying women [...]

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Culture is the culprit: Tackling the UK gender pay gap

Tackling the UK gender pay gap is a priority for many. According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the UK gender pay gap is 18.1%. Although this may come across as men being paid 18.1% more than women for doing the same job, this is not the case. Pay may be one of the [...]

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4 ways salary benchmarking can help your talent retention strategy

Salary benchmarking is a vital component of a talent retention strategy, but often retaining talent is ignored by the c-suite until it becomes an insurmountable business challenge. Many organisations simply accept high employee turnover and focus on other business needs.  However, HR professionals truly understand the importance of retaining good staff, in [...]

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Lack of Career Progression: An Opportunity For HR to Be More Strategic

Several research studies have shown that ‘lack of career progression’ is the most common reason for people quitting their jobs to seek opportunities elsewhere. There is no doubt that career progression will almost certainly lead to a higher salary but many managers and HR professionals make the mistake of thinking they can address the ‘lack [...]

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Putting Gender Equality at The Top of The Agenda

Putting gender equality at the top of the agenda. A joint blog post by 3R Strategy and The Great Initiative. Rameez Kaleem, Director at 3R Strategy: The new gender pay regulation that came into force yesterday is far from perfect but it will undoubtedly put gender equality and diversity at the top of the [...]

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New Gender Pay Gap Regulations – Don’t be put in the Spotlight!

Author: Rameez Kaleem, Reward Director The countdown is on for new employer regulation aimed at closing the gender pay gap. The final draft of the regulations has been compiled and we’re now just a couple of weeks away from their introduction. From the tax year starting 6 April 2017, employers with 250+ employees will [...]

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Prioritising Retention for Small Businesses

Putting the Employees First  Aside from developing products and enhancing customer service, small business owners should never overlook the welfare of their employees. Employee retention is vital in any small business. In fact, in a small venture with only 5 to 10 employees, a loss of one or two people could be devastating. Aside from [...]

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Reward Advice: Why Should Companies Benchmark their Salaries?

Reward Consultant Rameez Kaleem offers reward advice to businesses in this post about salary benchmarking Reward advice is useful, but having market intelligence as well as a good understanding of where your organisation sits in relation to the market is essential in order to set an effective reward strategy. This will enable you to [...]

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Why employee retention should be your top priority

This is now the time for employees to make their move. They have worked in poor environments, received low pay rises and put up with pressures and high levels of stress during the recession. As the markets are picking up retention of employees should now become the focus for organisations, particularly as the competition for talent [...]

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