The Advantages Of Job Levelling And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

How can organisations establish a fair and impartial approach to pay and reward? Small organisations tend to distribute bonuses according to the whims of their managers, but the bigger the company, the harder it is to ensure these decisions are consistent—especially so for those that operate across different sectors and/or multiple countries. Job levelling [...]

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Joining 3R Strategy: Tracey’s Story

My move into consultancy was not planned but came about at a perfect time for me. After being made redundant, facing a personal loss and a terminal illness in my family, I’d taken time out from Human Resources to work part-time for a local charity. The charity focused on supporting local people facing homelessness [...]

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Coronavirus: Summary And Reward Implications

Who can use the Coronavirus job retention scheme?All businesses are eligible. However, the scheme is specifically stated to benefit employees “who would otherwise have been laid off”. The scheme describes recipients of this benefit as ‘furloughed workers’.HMRC will reimburse 80% of furloughed workers' wage costs, up to a cap of £2,500 per month.In summary, organisation need to:1. Identify [...]

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Designing Sales Incentive Plans That Really Work

Devised specifically for sales teams, sales incentive plans are designed to drive certain types of desirable behaviour. This design is crucial, as the wrong incentive plan can often lead to the wrong behaviours, as we will go on to cover in more detail. Incentive programs can be monetary or non-monetary, based on individual output [...]

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Building Pathways: The Importance of Career Progression

Career development is a hot topic. In organisations with little opportunity for career progression, high performers will often choose to leave – much to the detriment of the business. So how can organisations make the most of career pathways to hold onto their best employees? What are career pathways? Career pathways are used to [...]

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Three top tips to reduce employee turnover and increase engagement

Losing a string of employees can be damaging to your business in a number of ways. It can dent the morale of your remaining workforce. It can tarnish your company’s image. It can add to everyone else’s workload – increasing stress levels. And not forgetting, of course, it can burn a hole in your [...]

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Why praise and appreciation are worth more than a pay rise

We all like to feel valued and appreciated. Whether that comprises a pat on the back or winning an award, a job well done deserves recognition. In fact, we know that recognising achievements is one of the best ways to improve employee engagement. Plus, recognition works both ways: it is not only motivating for [...]

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How to develop a transparent reward strategy linking career progression with salary progression

Lack of career progression and the desire for a higher salary are the two most common reasons people take to the job market and leave their current position. However, career progression leads to higher pay, which means to combat turnover, they shouldn’t be considered in isolation. Instead, when developing a reward strategy, it makes [...]

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How to conduct an equal pay audit that drives immediate action

How do you conduct an equal pay audit?  3R Strategy Director, Rameez Kaleem, was recently invited to discuss this in this article written for REBA: An equal pay audit is the process of comparing how much you pay men and women who carry out equal work. That bit is simple enough. What isn’t always as easy [...]

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